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About the company

Semyonov & Bezborodov Mill is the trade name of a flour-milling company founded in the town of Balashov in 1896. The plant was built by Erlanger’ & Co (during its existence, more than 800 mills have been built in Russia). Merchants Y. Bezborodov and A. Semyonov as well as other businessmen from the town of Balashov were the enthusiasts and investors in the building of the facility.

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The mill was remarkable for its advanced foreign and domestic equipment, which allowed processing 96 tons of wheat and 32 tons of rye per day. The mill supplied its products to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Vitebsk and Warsaw. Saratov province ranked first in the development of the flour milling industry in Russia.

During its existence, the company has gone through many milestones: nationalization, the Great Patriotic War, reconstruction, reorganization, restructuring of the country’s economy.